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Lucerit derives from the word La Luz - the light in Spanish. Lucerito means The Bright Star.

Lucerit, founded by Setenay Tetik, is a design venture that strives to reflect the fading borders through the oneness in the world with the harmonious combination of opposite ends.

Lucerit focuses on the masculine - feminine equation and fluidity while balancing luxury techniques with deliciously elegant, rather minimalist and sophisticated elements with rock and roll aesthetic.

The bold, dynamic, retro-inspired, pioneer designs we create strive for elegance and sophistication. Chic but street, urban yet wild, romantic but vibrant, vintage & modern intertwined; Lucerit is a brand that leads and does not follow.

With Love and passion in its DNA, Lucerit is highly influenced by the 60’s and 70’s era , elements from Latin American cultures, Asian style embroideries, embellishments from Hindu mandala techniques, tribal patterns, and with of course the high spirit of LOS ANGELES and ISTANBUL. We love to break from the norm, combine the opposites and play with contradictions.

Lucerit, while being a mirror of a rapidly & constantly changing world is not a fast fashion brand and we refuse to create designs that simply follow the hype and only the current trends. Instead, we capture the spirit of the here and now through a nostalgic lens rewarding the past and present icons and self-expression while standing out from the crowd with our impeccably executed pieces.

Each Lucerit piece is tailored & produced locally and ethically in Istanbul, with an acute diligence for detail, focusing on timeless pieces that can be worn with an inherent sense of laid back charisma.